Cleaner workplace equals happier employees

Cleaner workplace equals happier employees

Loyal followers of our blog will know that we’re hot on the topic of cleanliness in commercial premises, and improving office hygiene is one of our biggest targets. There are plenty of profit-related and safety reasons to ensure your office environment is spick and span, you can see our compelling low-down here but there are some more emotive truths associated with sparkling desks.

Stress can be a killer

It may sound dramatic, but it’s true. Stress can lead to many additional problems, not least depression, anxiety, drug abuse, and declining physical health. According to HSE, in 2015/16 11.7 million days were lost to stress-related absence. Stress can be caused by many things in the workplace, but one of the key triggers is feeling overwhelmed and out of control, and a messy desk and disorganisation doesn’t help. However, that’s a problem quickly and easily resolved by some simple cleaning tactics!

Clean spaces generate pride

Pride is a wonderful thing, and it can achieve impressive results. Statistics show that employees who show a level of pride in their surroundings tend to produce a better quality of work, and also display a more positive outlook. This is great for morale, excellent for productivity, and most importantly helps to cultivate a happy workforce.

Cleanliness leads to more time at home

There are lots of ways that dirt and disorganisation can have a knock-on effect on employees’ home lives. Unhygienic facilities lead to increased illness and absenteeism, which ultimately means pressure on the rest of the team and the sick member of staff upon their return. Disorganisation also eats into work time and causes unnecessary delays that have to be made up for, and studies have shown that untidy and unappealing offices hold more distractions. A safe, easy to use environment increases productivity and means that more people can head for home when the clock hits six, which certainly creates a happy atmosphere!

Are you looking to boost morale for happy employees and a safer, more enjoyable workplace? Hiring a professional to take care of your office cleaning needs means you’re free to head home at six too! Call us today at Aura Commercial Cleaning Services on 01604 930216  or use our contact form to find out how we can help.