A Guide to Clearing Commercial Waste

A Guide to Clearing Commercial Waste

An often overlooked but entirely essential part of the commercial cleaning process is ensuring your premises is clean and clear of any lingering waste, be it kitchen rubbish or more hazardous substances. There are strict guides when it comes to disposing of business waste correctly, and failure to comply with your legal obligation to do so could result in unwelcome repercussions. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of how to properly ensure commercial waste is dealt with.

Store your waste properly

Good management and excellent discipline around waste storage will make the whole process of removal much simpler. Always separate out your waste into appropriate containers, labelled to ensure confusion is avoided, and cover your storage area to keep it from blowing away or being ransacked by local wildlife.

Complete a waste transfer note

You can download a waste transfer note from the government website. You need to complete one of these each time a load of non-hazardous waste is taken away from your commercial premises, with enough detail to ensure the removal team are able to safely dispose of the contents.

Handle your hazards

If your waste poses a risk to either humans or the environment then it is considered hazardous. It is imperative that these items and substances are properly dealt with, which means separating them, labelling them, finding an appropriate collection service and filling and logging consignment notes. These records must be maintained and stored for three years at the property in question.

Minimise your environmental impact

As a commercial business, there’s no doubt that a large proportion of the waste you produce will be able to be recycled. Recycling is, as we all know, an essential effort in reducing the environmental footprint of any business, and being savvy to what you can and can’t recycle is all part of the battle. Educate yourself, your employees and your colleagues – being informed is a responsibility!

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