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Making sure nothing gets in the way of what you need to get done

Manufacturing and warehouse cleaning is different

It’s all on a bigger scale, and with that runs the risk that things might get missed. With a detailed site-file, our cleaners will be clear about exactly what they need to do to keep your business in tip top condition. Whether yours is a factory, production line, warehouse or storage facility, and whatever the industry, we will tailor your cleaning routine to give you the results you need.

We’ll also audit our cleaners regularly and keep in touch with you to ensure there’s no room for complacency. We understand safety is key in this environment, and standards need to be consistently high.

We understand the positive impact of a clean environment

As well as ensuring safety, a clean environment within your factory or warehouse and will encourage your staff to be more productive. It shows them you respect and care for them and gives them a clear indication of the standards you expect from them. They’re more likely to keep the place tidy themselves if they can see you setting the standard, and you’ll have a happier workforce who feel valued.

Visitors will also respond positively to a clean environment, earning you greater respect and higher credibility.

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The industrial cleaning service you’re looking for

We’ll work the hours that fit around your business requirements, and you’ll benefit from the consistency of the same cleaner (or team of cleaners) backed up with reliable cover for sickness or holidays, so there’s no disruption of your operation.

We’ll work closely with you to establish the cleaning routine your business needs, and then we’ll audit our cleaners on a regular basis and stay in touch to ensure you’re happy and every single detail is taken care of. Our cleaners are highly trained, uniformed professionals, who will respect your business at all times.

You’ll have one point of contact for any queries or concerns, so your peace of mind is guaranteed.

With our month-to-month contract, what do you have to lose?

Give us the opportunity to show you what a difference a positive Aura can make.

Industrial Cleaning Services

  •  Vacuum, dust, polish
  • Deep cleaning 
  • Floor strip/seal/scrub/buff/polish 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Kitchen and washroom clean 
  • Cleaning and washroom supplies 
  • Contact us for more information

Call Aura today on 01604 930 216. With a month-to-month contract, you’ve nothing to lose.

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