How to combat office odours for a fresh smelling workplace

How to combat office odours for a fresh smelling workplace

It may shock you to learn that scent can have a bigger impact on your workforce than you might realise, with happiness, performance and attendance being affected by the smell of an office or commercial working environment. Studies have shown that employees who work in pleasant-smelling work buildings report having higher goals and are more likely to use efficient work strategies for a more productive overall day. There are numerous ways to improve the smell of your commercial environment – but some tactics are less help and more hindrance. Here are our three top tips for sprucing up in time for spring.

Start from the bottom

Most unpleasant odours come from deep, dark corners and ingrained dirt, so a surface clean can be a fruitless effort. To really tackle musty scents and unexplained pongs you need to pull out your furniture and equipment, get to the hard to reach areas, and invest in a decent carpet clean.

Tackle the toilets

It’s not nice to admit, but in many workplaces it can be the toilets that are the starting place for nasty odours, and it’s not hard to figure out why. With bodily functions set aside, toilets and bathrooms are generally wet places with plenty of opportunity for germs to take hold and create unpleasant smells. For obvious reasons it also makes good sense to regularly and thoroughly clean toilets and urinals.

Sterilise your surfaces

Bad smelling bacteria are present on almost all frequently used surfaces and desks, and regular wipe downs are a simple solution for combatting potential whiffs. Equally, the use of air purifiers removes odour-causing particles from the air for an all round fresh environment.

Getting a clean building shell will help you maintain standards of cleanliness and combat bad smells when they occur rather than allowing them to fester, and there’s no doubt that this has a positive impact on the happiness and productivity of yourself and your staff. For help with making and maintaining a clean and odour-free commercial environment, contact Aura Commercial Cleaning for five star office cleaning in Northampton.