5 Tips to Keep Your Office Tidy this Summer

As summer approaches, thoughts of fun in the sun consume your mind. As a result, you may find it difficult to focus on keeping your workspace clean when the end of each day arrives. However, if you fail to take small steps to keep your desk and office clean it can result in a less productive workspace, as well as disruption to your co-workers. Some tips that will help you keep your office neat and tidy all summer long are highlighted here.

Keep Your Desk Clear

If you have outsourced services that clean your building, they likely have specific instructions not to touch any items on your desk. This means if your desk is covered in “stuff” it is not being cleaned. You should be sure that you clear your workspace at the end of each day. This helps you stay organised and productive and ensures the surface is cleaned while you are away.

Get Rid of any Perishable Foods

Even with modern air conditioning, summer heat can still come in through your office windows and spoil any foods you leave overnight. If you leave perishable food items in your office space, then it can become rotten, make your entire office smell and attract germs. Avoid this by simply tossing it out before you leave.

Select an “Office Checker”

If you have one of those offices where some people just don’t pick up after themselves, it may be a good idea to enlist a certain person or group of people to go around checking for messes or issues that need to be addressed. After all, if you can minimise the mess, everyone can be more productive in their work.

Go Green

Pollen, allergens and dust are circulating like crazy during the summer months. In order to reduce the amount of chemicals that are floating around in the air, choose green products versus the harsher chemicals that are commonly used that can aggravate allergy issues further.

Prepare for Vacation

The summer months are when most employees take their vacation time. If you have a trip planned be sure that everything is organised and cleaned up before you go. Doing this will ensure that if something is needed while you are away someone else will be able to find it. Also, when you return, you won’t have a huge mess to contend with.

Keeping your office neat and tidy all summer long doesn’t have to take away from your fun. In fact, staying organised and keeping things clean will help you get more done, allowing you to enjoy your time off even more.

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