School Cleaning

Here at Aura, our ethos is that it’s clean or it’s not clean – there’s nothing in between. This is a belief we hold close to our heart and is never more important to us than when it impacts upon those for whom a clean environment is a non-negotiable aspect. As such, we offer our unparalleled cleaning services to many commercial environments, but school cleaning is an area that we take particular pride in.

We’re committed to creating environments that promote better health and well-being for regular users, and children – whose immune systems are not fully developed until around 8 years of age – require a level of consistent cleanliness that is sufficiently well managed. With this in mind, we’re proud that our diligence and attention to detail are a key player in creating a safe environment for children in and around Northamptonshire, encouraging a better learning environment with fewer worries for parents and staff, who thrive in a fresh workplace.

We boast an army of DBS-checked staff who are organised, considerate, friendly, reliable and have exceptionally high standards, which is probably why we’re so well trusted in the field of commercial cleaning. We take the time to individually assess each new environment, using the most appropriate methods and products to achieve the best results without compromising on our commitment to environmental responsibility. We’re never more than a phonecall away, and flexible around the needs of each of our clients.

We like to hold ourselves in high esteem for our large participatory role in reducing sickness and bugs in schools, and consequently ensuring fewer germs are carried back home to waiting parents! If you would like to know more about our polite, honest, ethical team and why we’re the top at what we do, contact us at Aura Commercial Cleaning Services today. We know how important it is that you keep improving your school environment.