Virus and germ control in the workplace

Virus and germ control in the workplace

Is there any more fear-inducing sound in an office than the nasal “morning” of somebody undeniably riddled with the dreaded cold? As the person at the top – probably not. A study conducted by researchers into germs in commercial buildings shows that bacteria located in just one or two locations can cover 40-60% of all surfaces in as little as two hours. The take home from this? Excellent commercial cleaning standards are imperative to keep viruses and germs under control.

Stock up on Vitamin C

Healthy bodies and clean buildings make for happy, flu-free staff. Try filling a fruit bowl with oranges, or stock up on green tea infused with Vitamin C, and keep both on hand in the staff room to help ward off viruses.

Check for clever hiding spots

Germs can be hiding in the last places you would normally look! Think about all of the items that people use daily – a great example is books – and give these things a once-over with a cleaning wipe.

Tackle the obvious

Staff rooms and communal bathrooms are usually the guilty parties when it comes to spreading sickness, and good germ control definitely means giving these two locations a thorough clean down. Grab the marigolds and some antibacterial cleaner, paying extra attention to touch points such as door handles and teabag jar lids.

Trust the professionals

Surprisingly, one of the quickest ways that germs can take hold of a building is through contact made by cleaners. Cleaners touch all of the important places in one fast swoop, making them a primary candidate for spreading trouble. Hiring a reliable, professional commercial cleaning company to manage the cleanliness of your premises is the best way to stay on top of it. At Aura, we are emphatic about the highest standards, and we have rigorous processes in place to ensure we are the best in the business. Contact us today to find out more.