Office floor care and maintenance

Debunking the myths around office floor care and maintenance

Spring is in the air and we at Aura Cleaning love nothing more than seizing the opportunity to spread the word on how to achieve a seriously scrupulous spring clean. For commercial premises, it’s no good getting your office in ship-shape just once a year – it’s a commitment that you have to maintain year round… and that means all of it! There are several myths floating in the spring breeze about the importance of proper floor cleaning and maintenance – we’re here to help you debunk them.

Myth #1: All floors should be treated as equals

One of the worst things you can do for the health of your floors is to treat them all the same. Carpet, vinyl, stone and resin are just a few of the common floor finishes in commercial office buildings – the benefit of a knowledgeable cleaning service is the understanding of what floors require what products and treatments to be cleaned and properly maintained.

Myth #2: Floors are bottom of the cleaning priority list

Sure, tabletops and toilets may seem like the obvious choice, but it’s actually the floors that take up the largest surface area in any commercial location. As well as being the most dominant architectural feature, floors are also the recipient of every foot to enter the building, and they can easily wind up with all sorts of dirt and bacteria tracked all over them.

Myth #3: Dirty floors don’t affect a business

This is probably the worst myth of all because floors matter considerably. Not only are dirty floors a source of fast-spreading bacteria that can cause severe sickness and staff absence, a dirty floor can be a health hazard as most surfaces become slippery and unsafe when not treated with the correct products and attention. Accidents in the workplace are unfortunately all too common and can cost a business dearly.

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning company in the Northampton area to help you maintain your office floors, call Aura Commercial Cleaning today to discover our wealth of expertise in an immaculate spring clean.