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Why choose Aura Commercial Cleaning Services for your business?

Why Aura?

An aura “is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object”. The idea of an aura seemed to fit with our vision for a service which would provide you with a sense of overall care, as well as a comprehensive clean to ensure your home or premises always give the right impression.

Why does cleaning matter?

The cleaning of your premises provides you (and your staff and visitors etc) with the ideal environment for the work you do.

A clean environment is safer, more pleasant and gives a clear and immediate indication of the standards you expect (and those which can be expected from you).

Your team will work more effectively, efficiently and respectfully in a clean environment.

Your clients, customers, visitors, investors etc will see you as credible, professional, caring and trustworthy.

Domestic cleaning gives you the freedom to enjoy your time doing other things, as well as relaxing in the knowledge that you won’t be embarrassed by an unexpected visitor.

How do I choose which cleaning company to hire?

We appreciate this can be a difficult decision. In an ideal world you would try before you buy, which is why we offer a month-to-month contract – so you can experience the Aura difference with no risk.

The key to selecting the right cleaning company is preparation ahead of that first interview. If you’ve had cleaners before, whether in-house, one-off or contract, you probably know some of the potential pitfalls. Ask the cleaning company how they would deal with those situations, and anything else you think may crop up. Listen carefully to the answers. Are they saying what they think you want to hear, or do they seem to be talking from experience? Check your potential cleaning company is organised, with all the necessary paperwork. Do they carry out risk assessments? Do they train their staff in COSHH procedures? Do they have sufficient public liability cover? Will they have a site-file? Do they carry out ongoing audits or do they just set up the contract and leave their staff to get on with it? Will you have one easy point of contact if you have any queries or concerns?

This is a tough business. Customers can be demanding, and that’s how it should be. You’ve got other things to do, so you just want the cleaning happen with the minimum ongoing input from you or your staff.

Ask the right questions early on, and be careful about choosing a cleaning company which has your interests at heart, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle later on.

How much will it cost?

That depends on what you need.  We believe our value lies in providing a truly tailored service, because frankly you have more important things to do than worry about the cleaning.

There will be cheaper cleaners out there. And there will be more expensive ones. Our month-to-month contract gives you the opportunity to try us out and see whether we can deliver what you need, so what do you have to lose?

After our initial meeting, we will provide an upfront quote for your ongoing cleaning needs. This quote will be tailored to your individual requirements. We’re happy to be flexible (for example we could use your own stock of cleaning materials and then adapt our quote to include supply once it’s gone), but there will never be any unpleasant surprises. There are no hidden costs, and all expenditure will be agreed in advance.

What are Aura’s core values?

Our core values are

  • High quality, professional service
  • Mutual respect for our team and our clients
  • Flexible, friendly, customer-focused approach
  • Ongoing training, development and investment in our team
  • Attention to detail
  • Honesty, discretion and trustworthiness

Client Commitment

  • You’re the reason we’re here. We are committed to providing you with a fantastic cleaning service so you can spend your valuable time on what’s important within your own home or business.
  • Our key resource is our team of cleaners. To provide a great service to you, we carefully recruit the right people and invest in ongoing training and development. We continually review our own performance to make sure we consistently deliver the standards we (and you) expect.
We’ve already got in-house cleaners, but . . .

If you think there could be room for improvement, but you need to keep your existing cleaners, we have the solution.

We can take responsibility for your existing cleaners, retrain them or give them a refresher, manage their performance, audit them at work, and provide you with cover for any holidays or sickness.

What do you look for in a cleaner?

We select our cleaning team very carefully. They don’t have to be great at cleaning when we meet them because we’ll train them to the standards we (and you) expect.  What’s far more important is their attitude and approach to cleaning. We’ve all seen reluctant cleaners who would rather be doing something else if they could, and that’s hard work for everyone. We take care to employ cleaners who understand and respect the value of what they do. They know what a difference a decent clean will make to you and your home or business and they take pride in the results they achieve.

What cleaning services do you offer?

Covering a broad range of commercial and domestic premises, and tailored to individual client needs, our services include:

  • One-off and Contract Cleans (month-to-month contract)
  • Initial Builders Cleans
  • Sparkle Cleans
  • Deep Cleans
  • Hygiene Cleans
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Contract Cleaning
  • Restaurant and Kitchen Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning – Strip/Seal/Scrub/Buff/Polish
  • Window Cleaning

What about health and safety?

We take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously. We comply with all on-site regulations and have £5 million public liability insurance.

All of our cleaners are trained in occupational health and safety and COSHH. Specialist training is undertaken when relevant to the work environment. Those cleaners who work within educational and healthcare establishments are CRB checked. Each cleaner is given a detailed induction each time they begin work at a new site.

Why would I order my cleaning materials through you?

Buying your cleaning materials through us saves you money and time:

  • We have bulk-buying power because we buy for a number of clients
  • We know what works. Maybe not always the cheapest bottle, but more cost effective if you (we) use less
  • It’s quick and easy for our cleaners to stay on top of what you need (no emergency trips to Booker)

We can order

  • Cleaning products
  • Washroom supplies – hand towels, soap, toilet rolls, etc

Who is Aura Commercial Cleaning?

Aura Cleaning was founded by Simona Mihalache, who has many years experience in the cleaning industry. Before setting up Aura, Simona spent seven years managing a large team of cleaners working for a wide variety of commercial clients. Aura brings together professionalism and attention to detail with friendliness and flexibility. Simona has a hands on approach to training and developing her staff, stepping in to do the cleaning herself when necessary. She wouldn’t ask her staff to do anything she hasn’t done herself. This has earned her a high degree of loyalty from her cleaning team, something rare to see in what can often be a transient market place.

Simona says “I’m a perfectionist who likes to see things done to the highest standard, so I can sometimes be a hard taskmaster. I also understand that everyone is different, and what really matters to me is providing a service tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients. Everyone wants high standards, and that’s an important part of what we provide, but it’s also about focussing on (and keeping on top of) the finer details, to make sure each client is happy. The most important thing is our team of cleaners. By hiring and investing in the right people, we offer a much better service.”

With Aura, you have one point of contact – Simona.

You will only have to meet her once to be won over by her genuine passion and commitment. A self-confessed perfectionist, you can see that although she keeps a tight rein on her team, ensuring her high standards are adhered to, she is also very personable. It comes as no surprise that when she announced her move from her last management role, several of the cleaners she had managed were moved to tears.

This success built on team development backed up by strong management processes is what gives you the confidence you’ll have reliable cleaners who care about the results they provide. You can enjoy an excellent working relationship with Simona and her team for many years to come.

But Aura doesn’t ask you to take a huge leap of faith – they offer a month-to-month contract so you can try them out at no risk. Simona says “This arrangement also makes us work harder because we know that with no lengthy tie in you’ll only stay if you’re happy with the service we provide. It’s just as well we thrive under pressure! We continually review our performance levels, communicate with our clients regularly and carry out surprise audits to keep our cleaners on their toes. This way we can manage client requirements and achieve consistently high standards.”

Call Aura today on 01604 930216. With a month-to-month contract, you’ve nothing to lose.

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