The pros of hiring a commercial cleaning team

The pros of hiring a commercial cleaning team

With an estimated 60% of all workplace absences attributed to unsanitary conditions, keeping a clean commercial environment is just as much an act of business initiative as it is a comfort requirement. As commercial cleaners, we’ve seen our fair share of hygiene horrors, but thankfully the Aura team are always on hand to save the day. We’ve got an inside perspective on why hiring a professional cleaning team is so important – here are our most compelling pros!

We never leave a job half done

This one’s a biggie! It doesn’t matter to us the size of the job, because clean is clean. We won’t leave you any nasty surprises; we’re thorough, and we have unparalleled standards of cleanliness. It’s as simple as that.

We’re reliable, honest and thoughtful

We operate a strict familiarity rule, so you’ll recognise your cleaner or cleaners every time they visit. We’ll always offer you the same experienced staff members who will know your requirements inside out, and in the event that they are unavailable, we will carefully assess their cover. We can arrange regular times that work with your commercial business, and our services are month-to-month to ensure you never feel stuck in a contract.

We have hidden tricks!

The great thing about a commercial cleaning team is that we’ve seen it all before! We have strong arms and even stronger stomachs, so there’s no obstacle we can’t tackle. We know all the inside secrets, from crafty stain removal tactics to the safest cleaning products for different fabrics.

We make your job simple

With a cleaning team on hand, your school, office, retail space, gym, club, hospital or hotel will always be spotlessly clean, leaving you free to do whatever it is you do best. No worry, no hassle, and most importantly – no dirt.

Hiring a friendly, diligent cleaning team doesn’t need to be hard work. We’re tried, tested and trusted – just ask our many clients! Call Aura Commercial Cleaning today or contact us here.