Commercial Cleaning – Our top 3 reasons for a summer scrubdown

The sunny summer season is one we Brits always look forward to, as it brings with it a whole host of excitement often forgotten in the colder months. As such, it’s often overlooked in commercial environments as a prime time for a spot of cleaning – here are our top three reasons to getting scrubbing when the sun’s out.

It’s hot

Yes, it’s that simple! Summer brings with it an inevitable (and much appreciated) heatwave, and this can create a breeding ground for bacteria. These warm conditions encourage the growth of unpleasant bacteria on food, work surfaces, bathrooms, desks, and near enough any other location within reaching distance, so in order to avoid any nasty smells and unwanted illnesses, it’s best to keep on top of housekeeping.

The outdoors comes in

With windows open, doors ajar, and staff and customers feeling more active than ever, it’s no wonder that the summer months see a greater increase in workplace dust and dirt! From pollen to those hard-to-banish trails of beach sand, you might find your indoors looking a lot more like an outdoors unless you keep on top of the cleaning. In schools this is more prevalent than ever, as the playground always finds its way back inside!

Shoes come off

The nature of the warmer months means that people inevitably kick off their shoes and opt for a more bohemian approach to indoor spaces. Couple this with an increase in physical activity, and there is plenty more opportunity than usual for small cuts and abrasions to become dirty and infected in unclean surroundings. Good interior hygiene is essential to stop scrapes becoming bigger problems later down the line, which is particularly important in schools and workplaces where safety is paramount and illness can have negative effects on business.

Feeling the pressure to make the most of the long summer days? Then a little hired help never hurt! Contact us today to find out more about our excellent commercial cleaning skills and unbeatable value for money.