Why workplaces suffer from poor winter indoor air quality

Why workplaces suffer from poor winter indoor air quality

As the sunny weather finally winds to a close, we’re forced to ditch our sun loungers for a more comfy spot on the sofa instead. The all-too-sudden drive indoors is the same for all manner of people, from office workers giving up lunch breaks in the park to eager shoppers spending more time in shops than window shopping on the street. The volatile winter conditions are famously problematic for indoor air quality, and teamed with all the additional time we spend keeping toasty you’re looking at a dangerous equation! So why does winter make our air so unclean?

Condensation, damp and mould

The temptation in colder months is to close the windows and keep all the heat in, the consequence being the infestation of damp. Mould spores enter the air and trigger respiratory illnesses.

Dust mites

Prepare to be grossed out! Because we spend so much additional time indoors, we shed more skin cells, and our human skin is the perfect feast for hungry dust mites. An increased presence of dust and dust mites can make the air quality deteriorate fast.


The added time indoors, coupled with some gruelling external conditions, means that we often experience increased breakages and burst pipes during winter. Painting, sanding, welding, varnishing, using adhesives and more DIY tactics all contribute towards a reduction in pure indoor air, and closed windows keep all of that toxic air from being circulated out.

The immediate implications of poor indoor air quality are clear and they can appear after just one exposure – they include headaches, dizziness, itchiness, fatigue, asthma, bronchitis and more. Preventing your office or commercial environment declining in air quality is advisable to prevent staff sickness and personal discomfort, so always take steps in colder months to eliminate the problem. To solve the problem without fuss, hire a commercial cleaner today – Call Aura Commercial Cleaners on 01604 930 216 to discuss how we can help keep your workplace in tip top condition.

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