Tips to Ensure Your Public Restroom Remains Hygienic

While germs are a hot topic during flu season, the fact is that viruses can linger around any time of year. This is particularly true for public locations such as retail facilities, offices, schools, entertainment & recreational venues and restaurants. Even though the risk of catching the flu is not a pleasant thought, there are even more hazardous bacteria, parasites and viruses present – from H1N1 to MRSA. All these can be present in restrooms that are open to the public.

The contaminants that harbour on the human skin can be easily transferred to towel dispensers, soap dispensers, water faucets and even dustbins with just one, single touch.

While the way a public restroom looks is a crucial indicator in how clean it is, and in something that the public is going to take notice of, it is not the only factor in ensuring the restroom in your public location is hygienic. Also, the state of your restroom can actually impact whether or not a restaurant or retail patron is going to become a regular customer.

Since water is able to encourage the growth and development of bacteria, as well as other undesirable microorganisms, even the cleanest restrooms may be contaminated. In most cases, a truly hygienic restroom will require a bit of forethought in the design and the installation of the best fixtures, followed with regular and stringent maintenance.

Minimise the Use of Hands

Implementing the use of “touch-free” and “hands-free” hand dryers, soap dispensers and toilets is a great way to start. These fixtures are typically controlled by various motion sensors, which activate the fixture when the person’s hands come close. This eliminates the need to touch the dispenser or tap that may be covered in germs.

These fixtures can also help to prevent any cross-contamination in the bathroom and may be a smart investment, but there are also a number of other steps that can be taken to ensure that your lavatory is hygienic and safe.

Additional Considerations

You should be sure that the physical design of the bathroom is as functional as it can be. Make sure there are stations for both children and adults if both these individuals will be using the facilities. Also, when you just offer hand dryers, rather than paper towel, you can minimise the potential for an overflowing dustbin that can lead to additional germ issues.

Creating a hygienic bathroom is not impossible, but it does require a certain number of considerations. Using the tips here will help you create a smart, germ-free environment for your workers and customers.


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