Helpful Tips for Cleaning Window Blinds

Helpful Tips for Cleaning Window Blinds

Installing blinds in your windows is an extremely popular option; however, in order for them to look their very best, they will need to be cared for and cleaned frequently. While there are a number of cleaning methods that can be used for all sorts of blinds, the construction of the blinds is going to dictate how you clean them. Here you will find a number of general tips that will help you quickly clean your home’s blinds.


It is important that you dust your blinds on a regular basis with a microfiber duster, a soft cloth or a feather duster. For the very best results you should ensure that the blinds have been extended fully and that all of the slats are facing the same way, closed. Dust the slats lightly, moving in with the direction of the slats. Once complete, turn them 90 degrees and then dust once again. Tilt the blind’s slats in the opposite direction and then repeat the process.


If there is a significant amount of dust present, then you may need to use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner in order to clean the blinds effectively. When you are using a vacuum, you need to ensure that the suction is set to the lowest setting in order to avoid warping or twisting the slats.

Deep Cleaning

Approximately every six months it is a good idea to deep clean your blinds. You can use a sock, towel, cotton gloves or a microfiber cloth to rub each of the slats from one end to the other. It is important that you clean both sides of the slats. In order to remove heavier stains and dirt, you should moisten your cleaning cloth slightly.

Cleaning blinds is not something that only homeowners must do. If you have blinds in the windows of your office or other business it is essential that you keep them dust-free, as well. This will contribute to the overall impression you make on clients or customers. If you do not have the time to clean the blinds yourself, you can hire a third-party cleaning service for assistance. Doing this will ensure that your blinds are always dust-free. This is a viable option for both homeowners and business owners who may not have the time or resources to complete this rather time-consuming job on their own.


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